Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a Trip

All I can say is that I am back, in better shape now, and best of all riding again.

All things considered, Grenada was a good trip. However, after developing a hernia shortly after my arrival, of course my bike ride around the island of Carriacou was eliminated from my plans. Instead of three weeks, with one week of biking, I ended up with two weeks and a rescheduled flight home for surgery. So instead of being with the team at St George Hospital while they performed cardiac surgery, I was in South Florida Baptist Hospital undergoing my own surgery. Not exactly what I had planned.

It took a while to recover physically enough to get back on the saddle. Six weeks turned into ten weeks and I was still a little apprehensive. But not to be held back once healed, I am back at my 15 / 20 miles a day. A little warm riding a bike around Hillsborough County this time of year, but early in the morning, with the wet, cool air in your face, what could be better.

I talked with my friend, Hilmer, from Peru. Hilmer is the Dad of Luz Estephanie( ). He has received an email from Angelica and Claudio. They are back on the road from White Horse, Yukon Territory. As soon as I hear more I'll pass on the information.

More later. Need to go put the squirrel repellants on my bike.(more about that later)