Tuesday, May 1, 2012


That I am back here writing another post after such a short time.  However, I am determined to continue, both writing and riding.  Today was a 30 mile run, with a couple of errands along the way.  Had to check on the lawnmower repair at Colliers in Seffner.  Tom said it would be ready around Thursday.  So I got another break.  Today it was a circular route and I discovered something I never noticed before.  How do I ride 30 miles, out and back, with a headwind in both directions?, and all uphill?  Tomorrow I'll reverse my direction and see if it makes a difference.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two Years???

Procrastination,  I guess, I kept telling myself that I need to get riding again and posting again.  Although I have not posted in a while, more than 2 years, I have been riding, although I did take some time off this year and just recently started again.  Getting back into shape is not really as difficult as I thought.  No, I'm not ready to do a 60 miler yet, but I feel ready for 25 / 30 miles.  My problem is that I need to do it every day.  That was difficult to do while Veronica and her Mom were here for her annual appointment,(see:  http://veronica-andes.blogspot.com/ ).  Next week we have Frank and Tatiana visiting for the first time and some major surgery scheduled.(see:  http://theluzfund.blogspot.com/ ).  However, I'll squeeze in some riding as time permits, with some visual proof.
Just recently had some time to surf some other blogs and ran across the blogspoy Nauga Bike, written by Tom Winfield from Iowa.  I'll need to see if I can connect again and list his blog on my regular visits.
Middle son, Chris, did the St Anthony's Triathlon today.  He called after and said he did well and finished within one minute of his projected time.  I should have gotten some photos when we were in St Pete for pre-race activity yesterday.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bicyclist Ticketed - in Tampa, FL

It's not bad enough that bicyclists in Tampa, FL need to put up with some of the worst conditions for bikers in the country, we also have some law officers who are ignorant of the law regarding cyclists, their rights and responsibilities. Key word here is RESPONSIBILITIES. Riding an average of 25 / 30 miles a day around Tampa and Hillsborough County, I have seen the best and the worst when it comes to drivers and cyclists. In my personal observations, both are at fault. Education of drivers regarding the presence of cyclists on roadways is a necessity. Observation of the laws, rules and responsibilities are the requirements of both groups. In any confrontations, the cyclist loses.
Read about Brad Marcels experience.
Drop him an email of support at bmarcel@mail.usf.edu

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flat Tire?, Again?

Had to postpone today's ride. I had a difficult puncture last week and no repair items, 15 miles away from the house. Someday I'll learn to carry more than a can of Slime(which did not do the job). After an extended wait time from my support vehicle(Nancy was busy), I got back to the shop and did a repair. But, the repair patch let go the next day because of the Slime in the tube. This time only 5 miles from home. So I did a really great repair with a real rubber patch, and yesterday I took off, with hard wheels, for a 45 mile run to a winery in Plant City. Made it to the winery, they were closed, my tire was again flat, and I was #%&@**. So today I am not on a ride, I am headed to Wally World to buy a few tubes and a good tire repair kit and some compressed air in a bottle. Maybe even some of those flat tire rejection strips that go between your tube and tire. Anyway, it looks like rain. Maybe I should do like my Cardiologist says and walk instead of ride.

Ernest & Leana - Africa and Beyond

Many thanks to SMB Tech Geeks for the advice about the blog of Ernest and his biking partner Leana. http://ernestonbike.blogspot.com/ Click on Ernest's blog and you can also find a link to Leana's adventures. Gosh, what a great adventure. Leana also has a Facebook site. I have not had chance to read all the archives on their individual sites, but I will. Good reading, if you are a rider.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gosh, How time flies

I need to find a way to do this daily. I am looking at the blog and see how long it has been since I posted anything. Maybe the key is to do it each day as I get back from my morning ride. I came across a cool blog for cycling called The Hungry Cyclist. http://www.thehungrycyclist.com/blog/2009/04/index.html It makes for some interesting reading but I prefer more road adventures. Maybe I just have not read far enough into the blog. I thought he was presently located in South America and was going to contact him and send him info to get in touch with Angelica and Claudio.
I was able to contact Ben Becker, cycling through South America. He was headed to the Galapagos Islands on a sailboat he hitched a ride on from the Panama Canal. His partner left him in Panama to head back home but has done a website at: www.lettherebmorebikes.com. if you are interested.
If anyone has any good road travellers websites or blogs, send them this way. Wish I was 40 years younger.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Baaaaaacccck(from Alaska, Ireland, etc)

Good to be home again. This time maybe we'll stay for a while. I have loads of photos but will likely post them on a new blog. "Ireland by Nancy, Chuck, Kathy & George". Alaska was great, a really fun and relaxing trip(7 days on the "Radiance of the Seas"). However, Ireland was, by far, the best trip we have ever made. Not just because of family connections, but because of the overall kindness, generosity, and friendliness of the Irish people. 'Cead mile Failte' says it all.

On one particular day stopping in the small village of Leenane in County Galway we stopped in a small pub for lunch. Sitting there trying to get warm and dry, from the irish mist were three bike riders from the US. Mike from Virginia, Ken from Montana, and Jason from Chicago. They had started in Killarney in County Kerry. We chatted for a while over some Potato-Leek soup and a pint of Guinness. Then it was time to go our individual ways. I have a photo and will upload it when I get chance.
Good to be back. The best cure for jet lag is to get back on the bike the next morning for a nice long ride.