Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flat Tire?, Again?

Had to postpone today's ride. I had a difficult puncture last week and no repair items, 15 miles away from the house. Someday I'll learn to carry more than a can of Slime(which did not do the job). After an extended wait time from my support vehicle(Nancy was busy), I got back to the shop and did a repair. But, the repair patch let go the next day because of the Slime in the tube. This time only 5 miles from home. So I did a really great repair with a real rubber patch, and yesterday I took off, with hard wheels, for a 45 mile run to a winery in Plant City. Made it to the winery, they were closed, my tire was again flat, and I was #%&@**. So today I am not on a ride, I am headed to Wally World to buy a few tubes and a good tire repair kit and some compressed air in a bottle. Maybe even some of those flat tire rejection strips that go between your tube and tire. Anyway, it looks like rain. Maybe I should do like my Cardiologist says and walk instead of ride.

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