Tuesday, May 1, 2012


That I am back here writing another post after such a short time.  However, I am determined to continue, both writing and riding.  Today was a 30 mile run, with a couple of errands along the way.  Had to check on the lawnmower repair at Colliers in Seffner.  Tom said it would be ready around Thursday.  So I got another break.  Today it was a circular route and I discovered something I never noticed before.  How do I ride 30 miles, out and back, with a headwind in both directions?, and all uphill?  Tomorrow I'll reverse my direction and see if it makes a difference.


helena said...

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NaugaBike said...

So, did it make a different? I would guess it didn't - still headwind and uphill both ways :)

NaugaBike said...
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