Saturday, July 14, 2007

Been Busy

A little 5 yr old girl can sure keep you busy. Luz is the 5 yr old., but what fun it is to be kept busy.(see: ) I went for bike rides on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but slipped Friday and today. My back is killing me. I think I hurt it lifting a larger bucket of concrete out of the truck on Thursday afternoon. Tylenol is being consumed at a high rate of consumption, but it seems to do little to relieve the pain. I think rest is the answer. Take a look at the photo.
I saw Chris on the side of the road on Hwy 41 on my way back from All Childrens Hospital on Friday. Chris works for an engineering firm. They give him a GPS, a bike, and a water flow detector. he is mapping out the county's water system, valves, conduits, etc. All the info is recorded on a computer he carries on his belt. That big dome is the GPS receiver and transmitter for him to download back to the office. Interesting job.
Photo #2 is Claudio and Angelica on their arrival at the Amtrak Station in Tampa from Miami. They stopped by on their way to Anchorage, Alaska for a ride from Anchorage down the Great Divide Bike Route. They will continue through to their home in Bogota, Colombia. They'll be at CardioStart House in Tampa until July 24. You can follow their adventures on their website at:
They will soon have a blog available for daily postings. Click on their photo above for a real closeup and take a look at the CardioStart patch on Angelica's shirt. The patches are available for your own shirt from CardioStart. Send me an email.

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