Saturday, July 21, 2007


Headed to St Georges in Grenada for a week. CardioStart has been invited to install a cardiac surgery unit in the local hospital there. I visited the island last December and the facilities look very good and they have an excellent medical university located there. Some changes have ocurred in the local management so we are back for a second visit. I am hoping to make contact with a local rider I met last year at the airport. He said he could fix me up with a bike, helmet, and directions, so I am looking forward to it if time is available. Grenada is an old British Colony and thus is pretty stable as far as government is concerned. I didn't see much during the two days we were there and hope to see more this time. Grenada is about 70 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez country, and the location of President Reagan's war to thow out the Cubans. I'll be back next Saturday night. Hopefully have some photos of biking Grenada.

Above photo is from the stairway from my room near the restaurant at the University Club, where we will be staying for the week of our visit. Tough life, huh?


JoeP said...

Look like a wonderful island! Wish I could be sharing the road with you! JP

JoeP said...

In memory of Jack...Many Caribbean islands have wonderful dogs looking for good homes. Sue and I support AARF Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation. Many Local islanders have not been raised in an environment that is aware of animal care. Most of the coconut retrievers that we have met love hot weather and are very friendly and inteligent. It is much easier to get a dog off an island the onto an island. Maybe Jack has a legacy in Grenada?

Old Man said...

Thanks Joe, Just back yesterday from Grenada. Beautiful place. We will likely be headed back there late this year or in January 2008. At this time my intentions are to head down early and bike a sister island, Carriacou, accessible by ferry. It is supposed to be less congested and friendlier to biking than St Georges. Some of the hills in St Georges are 40 / 45%. I don't feel like walking.

JoeP said...

Post some photos of Carriacou after your visit. It has a great reputation for a Sailing destination. Sue and I would be interested in seeing some of it.

If you stumble across any RE info let me know the price of a .5 ac building lot with water views in Grenada. Similar Government and laws to Anguilla.