Saturday, October 20, 2007

Update - Riding

For those of you who are interested in the progress of Claudio and Angelica, they are wintering in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. We'll stay in touch with them over the Winter and keep you posted from time to time on their activities. Angelica said they hope to spend the time learning English.

I guess you know you are too busy when you do not have time to take a short ride around town. Before Nancy and I left on our long trip to California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and return across the northern tier, I had a reason for not riding. Maybe in reality, they were excuses. It had been very hot here in Tampa and my back had been bothering me so bad I considered a pain management Doc and a nerve block. However, no nerve block(I just did not like the Doc), and then the long trip. But now my back feels better so I am working to get my trusty steed, the Mongoose, back into condition. The "Hilly 100" bike ride is this weekend, but I will miss it. I need to get back into riding shape for a few weeks before I tackle a ride like that. More soon. Maybe I'll do a blog on our long trip. I need to put one together for CardioStart's surgery mission to Grenada in Jan/Feb. I also want to mention that I expect to head to Grenada about a week early so I can bike the island of Carriacou. More later.

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