Sunday, September 2, 2007

Cold is Colder in the Yukon

This cold in the North of America is the coldest we ever imagine, we have felt it day after day, and it has turned into a great experience, we have learned how climate varies suddenly from a radiant sun to a strong rain, they are very great distances with many pines at each side of the highway and where the only company is the wind, the dangerous bears do not show themselves, because they are more afraid of the humans than we of them. Different motor-homes pass us in the highway constantly, reminding us that each one takes in life what they wish... our bicycle home!
It will stay with us in this long route, showing a little more of the world and of LIFE, now we are in Whitehorse, the capital city of Yukon. In the highway we have seen a bear cub, which was startled when it heard a car; swans, fox, beavers, white collar eagle, squirrels that do not cease to work for wintertime!!! And the giant raven which is the one that cleans the carrion and wastes. Also gorges with very nice translucent water! It is important to see how the great majority of the inhabitants care for the water.
The H2O IS NO PROBLEM!!!!! for us, what is a kind of problem is the coooooooooooooooold. Well, we are very far from our house, seeing people that pass by us very swiftly, it is difficult to see persons in the streets, you only see cars that go by rapidly, there are few houses and in most of them you can see nobody, when we reach a town there are few persons, it is not like South America, in which we saw people in the route and many people in the towns. .Maybe in South America life is in the streets and here it is the other way around? Or the weather makes the people stay much at home? Or are people hre more accustomed to loneliness? Well, we do not know what the reason is. Of what we are certain is that it is a different life style.

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