Thursday, May 31, 2007

Have you ever.....?

23 miles today. This is really starting to be fun. I am riding west on 22nd St Causeway near Hwy 301 trying to make the green light to cross. Have you ever dreamed of driving a car and the steering wheel comes off in your hands? Well........How about riding a bicycle at the aforementioned location and the clamp on the handlebars comes loose and starts to slide out? Yes......I could not steer, brake, or shift. Well.....actually I could.....but rather erratically with a handlebar that rotates and slides back and forth. So I pull over in the knee deep grass and look in my tool case for the correct hex key. Naturally I don't have one(reminder to get tools). What I did find was an old console TV set, broken. So I picked up a piece of wood from the TV and used it as a makeshift hammer(reminder to get tools) to drive the handlebar back to the center position.(Ingenuity Huh?) But now I needed a wrench to tighten it.(reminder to get tools). So the handlebar still rotates. I drive it back out, find a few splinters from the TV, and shove them under the clamp and then hammer(reminder to get tools) the handlebar back to center. SUCCESS!!! Thankfully I was only about two miles from CardioStart and some real tools.
TGTF Tomorrow is Friday again. Trip to St Petersburg. Maybe a long ride Saturday(with tools).

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