Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WOW....Where do the days go?

Here it is Wednesday already. How time flys when you're having so much fun. I took a short 15 mile ride this morning to Fire Tower Hill and around some local streets. Going to CardioStart in a few minutes. Of course that means riding back in the heat of the day around 3:30/4:00. However, I have convinced myself that gas costs too much. Friday is the day I drive to St Petersburg and I have been filling up every week. I am trying to stretch it out to filling up every two weeks by cutting back on driving and using the bicycle more. I need to get a pannier for the rear, or a rack pack so I can carry grocery items etc.
Back from CardioStart, naturally against the wind again. It doesn't happen very often but I had to pedal downhill as I crossed over I-75. The breeze sure does make it nice in the evenings but rough when riding. Not a bad day after all, 37 miles total.

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