Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hump Day

If you are in to good classical and movie theme music, I am sitting here listening to a theme from "The Lady Caliph", by Ennio Morricone, played by Yo Yo Mah on the Cello. It is the first I have heard it. If you can, get a copy or listen on-line.

Anyway, 39 miles today. Rode up to Hillsborough State Park north of Tampa, including 8 miles through the woods on an unpaved trail. Now I am going to need to clean the bike and chain again. There was a lot of mud on the trail, I guess from the rain a few days ago. Then back home through Dover. I took two photos as I passed over Interstate 4. Which road would you rather be on. Both photos are from the same spot. I'm happy I was on the road I was. Great ride through shady roadways(well, some of them are shady). But it was approaching 90 degrees when I got back home around 11:00 AM. The third photo was my speedometer turning over to all zeroes. Had to show the 9999.9.

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