Saturday, June 30, 2007

Where is my Headlight?

Early to bed, early to rise....etc. What it gets me is out on the road barely before dawn. Looking for my Headlight, with a flashlight, in a shed that I should have cleaned out last year, or was it the year before. Early riding on a Saturday means no traffic, fairly cool riding, but one big drawback. La Cubanita, at Bloomingdale and Lithia Pinecrest Road is not open that early, so I must skip my Cubano Cafe Leche this morning and face the dreaded Lithia Springs Hill with no reinforcement other than a powerbar and gatorade. My camera sits at home right next to my second bottle of water. My financial analyst(wife) tells me that short term memory loss is a sure sign of old age. I tell her as long as I can remember how to get back home I am doing OK.
After a short stop at the Springs I head east to Hwy 39 and debate going to Ft Lonesome. Instead I decide to continue east and find a road that takes me back to Keysville Rd. It has been so long since I have been on these roads east of Hwy 39 I forget what connects with what. Suddenly I start thinking about what my FA said and start thinking maybe there is something to this short term memory loss. Just then I look across a field and see two deer standing in the shade of some pine trees and my camera is aimed at my dining room wall. As luck would have it, I find my way home, again, after stopping to chat with Sam the produce man at Fire Tower Hill about the new Target Store they are going to build there. 42 miles, not bad for an old man. Now I gotta go clean out that shed. Well..........maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

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